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The Hermit, Arcanum VIIII

The Hermit, with his lantern hidden under his cloak, invites you to look to the past and inward. It is, first of all, a meditation card: sometimes it is necessary to move away from the hustle and bustle and activities to seek an inner space of peace and calm our thoughts when they are too agitated. And often, too, the Hermit invites you to look to the past.

Do you encounter in your memories, experiences, perhaps traumas that you drag like balls and that poison your life? Parts of your story that you try to forget and bury in your depths? But somewhere, you know that it's not working, and what you're trying to suppress like this is poisoning your life.

The Hermit comes to tell you that it is possible to go out and meet all of this, to come to terms with this painful past, to integrate it, to welcome its lessons. The light of the lantern is conscience, and often the help of a benevolent, knowledgeable, and experienced counselor will help you a lot.

And then what was a burden will become a treasure: your past, even the painful experiences, will become a source of wisdom that will help you to live your present better.

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