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The Moon, Arcanum XVIII

Updated: Nov 17

This arcane invites you to open up to your inner world and let your intuition talk to you.

Watch the video (one minute of deep inspiration!)

What are the practices that can help you do this? Is this the right time for you to develop a meditative practice? To start psychotherapy? To open up to spirituality in a new way? To listen to your body? To your dreams? Either way, the invitation is there, and you feel, albeit a little confusedly, its call. It's the feminine part of you that demands your attention, that wants more freedom to express yourself.

The reward if you answer this call is a greater ability to connect with your intuition, which will help you better ride the boat of your life. It may also be the relief of some anxieties, night terrors, obsessions because what is deep inside you will no longer need to use these roundabout ways of attracting your attention because you open yourself voluntarily and freely to their messages.

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