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The Sun, Arcanum XVIIII

Updated: Jul 9

This Arcane is full of promise and vitality. It appears at the end of a cycle made of an inner journey, shadow work, and therapy. Watch the video (one minute of deep inspiration!)

Its characteristic is as follows:

You have explored your depths.

You have faced what was buried within you.

You have dared to look at what had been pushed back into the darkness because of shame, guilt, or fear.

So you have grown, you have matured, you have become stronger and more benevolent. You have acquired enough strength, wisdom, and benevolence to welcome the parts of you who are ashamed, afraid, who feel guilty, sad. And now is the time for inner reconciliation and integration for you: this is what the two figures illuminated by the light of the Sun symbolize. The one on the right, benevolent and welcoming, holds out his hand to the one on the left, who still retains the vestiges of his seclusion (the tail, which recalls the two characters chained in Arcanum XV, the Devil.)

These are beautiful times in one's life when we experience this type of reconciliation with ourselves. These are shining moments, lit by all the light the Sun shines on this map. These are times when we echo ourselves and the bearer, for ourselves, of Universal Love, of the unconditional welcome of the Divine, of the radical Yes that the Great Mystery pronounces on us.

And the fruit of this reconciliation is a vital energy that has its source deep within us, allowing us to enjoy all the gifts of our earthly existence fully.

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